Used Car Finance

We promise that EVERY customer will be treated fairly, transparently and with your demands and needs at the heart of everything we do, regardless of your budget or circumstances. That is why we offer the most comprehensive used car finance packages available in the UK today, from Tier 1 (fair to excellent credit score), Tier 2 (poor to fair credit score) to Tier 3 (credit repair status). We even help you decide what type of finance package suits you with a professional consultation before we make any recommendations at all. Regardless of your credit profile, we promise to always offer you the best rate available dependent on YOUR circumstances. We will NEVER sell you a finance package at a higher rate than the one you are eligible for.

With this criteria in mind we scoured the market to find the best finance packages to offer to the widest spectrum of customers possible. Our partners at Best Car Credit, THE Car Finance Specialists, have teamed up with Blue Motor Finance and Motion Finance making us uniquely placed to offer exactly the right used car finance package to suit YOUR needs, YOUR circumstances, YOUR budget, regardless of your credit history.

  • Low rate Hire Purchase from 12 to an unprecedented 84 months
  • Joint and Guarantor applications accepted
  • Low rate Personal Contract Purchase up to 60 months
  • Finance available for cars up to 15 years old at the end of the finance term
  • The best rate available for YOU, guaranteed!
  • Professional consultation service
  • Credit repair and advice service
  • All circumstances considered
  • Employed, Self Employed or on Benefits
  • Help to re-establish and repair your credit status

If you have been declined elsewhere, or even just not happy with the rate or the package you have been offered,
please call one of our finance specialists, we are here to help.