Bad credit history but need a car?

Do you have a bad credit history but need a car?

Have you been refused finance for a car?  Do you think you have a bad credit history?  Missed a payment on a credit card?  Received a CCJ due to a payment dispute that you weren’t even aware of?  Simply forgot to pay the mobile phone bill on time?  The truth is most people have had a blip in their credit profile over the years and some Car Dealers and Finance Companies have penalised them because of it, often costing you, the customer, more money than you should have been paying.

Look no further, the solution is here.  Guaranteed Motors have launched Best Car Credit, THE Car Finance Specialiststo help every customer gain finance approval at the best rate available for the customer’s circumstances, GUARANTEED.

“Best Car Credit in Bury St Edmunds guarantees the best available car finance rate for your circumstances. Good credit, bad credit, poor credit history, or simply been declined elsewhere for no apparent reason? Why not give the Car Finance Specialists at Best Car Credit in Bury St Edmunds a call today to see how they can help? We have the highest levels of car finance approvals of any Finance Broker or Car Dealer in East Anglia because of our revolutionary 3 Tier System. We can help anyone get accepted regardless of your credit history, source of income, employment status or credit score. We have gained approvals at Tier 1 rates for customers who have had historic problems or disputes, as well as acceptances for customers who thought they would never be approved anywhere. The truth is, most Dealers and Brokers aim for only one type of customer, and charge you more if you fall outside of that criteria. We think that is unfair, so we work hard with every single customer to gain them the best possible deal, it’s as simple as that.”

Call today to see what the Specialists can do for you.  01284 771583