Best Car Credit Launched in Bury St Edmunds

Best Car Credit Launches a “One Stop Shop” for car finance in Bury St Edmunds.
Best Car Credit, THE Car Finance Specialists in Bury St Edmunds has been launched with immediate success.  They have created a “One Stop Shop” for every credit profile, regardless of a customers history and past slip ups.

Founder, Ian, said “Here at Best Car Credit we believe that everyone should have a fair deal, so we have teamed up with the very best Car Finance lenders and Brokers in the business to offer our customers a ‘One Stop Shop’for every single credit profile, regardless of your credit history, from perfect credit scores to IVA’s, defaults or missed payments, even unsatisfied CCJ’s.”

“We have already successfully proved that this approach works, our first customer will be taking delivery of their new BMW next week after believing that they would never get car finance due to their history”.  Best Car Credit have created a simple 3 Tier System and GUARANTEE that a customer will never get a higher rate than the best available for their circumstances.  “Dealers and Brokers have capitalised on the credit scoring system for years, often costing the customer more by bumping up the rate when they actually had a prime rate acceptance.  We look at things a different way, and it’s a refreshing change.”

“We GUARANTEE that every customer will first be proposed on 8.9% APR for agreements under 48 months, and ONLY 9.9% APR up to an unprecedented 84 months (7 years) is rare to say the least.  It doesn’t matter whether a Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is better for you and your needs, the rate will not go up.  Tier 2 will only be used if we can’t get the acceptance on Tier 1. Tier 3 is only brought into play if we can’t gain a Tier 2 acceptance.  We firmly believe that, if we can’t find you the best rate for your circumstances, and gain an acceptance even when you’ve already been declined elsewhere, then no one can.  Our first customer this week will attest to that.